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Hi THI  as our journey in Vietnam comes to an end I want to let you know that *all* your guides were super professional, Courteous, and amazing.

And now, after 4 or 5 months having you in my life, I am going to miss you tremendously  jijijiji!

And my wish that everyday be a day full of blessings and beautiful.  

For ever my dear THI


Martha Johnson - The USA - Dec 2019


Tam was great. His knowledge was very informative for our 1st visit to Vietnam.

Thank you Smile Tours and Tam. Read great reviews regarding Smile Tours.


Joy Reffold - the UK - Dec 2019


Hai gave excellent background information on history of Saigon/ Ho Chi Minh city. He is personable and makes sure everyone is enjoying their tour.

Good price for great tours.

I will recommend you to my travel agent friends.


Miriam Hanan - The USA - Dec 2019


Tam very good guide. He kept us safe together and on time.

Comfortable bus. Bus driver very safe and good.

Very enjoyable. I would highly recommend!


Jean  Pullen - the USA - Dec 2019 


We've had a wonderful day in Ho Chi Minh city. We loved the trishaw ride.

Andy was a very good guide and spoke good English.


Sandy Christie - Australia - Dec 2019


Excellent use of time. So many different types of transportation experience. Locations visited excellent. Variety - lots of learning experiences. People warm and friendly. Worked very hard. Guide very knowledgeable and honest answers to questions.


Kris Proctor - The USA - Nov 2019


Hi Thi,


Happy New Yr and sorry for my late reply, but I just wrote a review for our trip to the fishing village and the museum..... by far, that was one of the best tours that we took and we love the people at the fishing village, the time that they spent teaching us how to fish/crab/cook and made lunch for us and foot massage... we had an amazing time and will be back soon with our family n friends... our tour guide, Bay, was awesome as well... he was so patient in bringing us to all the places and just wait for us to immerse ourselves into the Vietnamese culture...


Thx again and have a great new year filled with peace, joy, happiness, health, and prosperity.



Nicole Duong - The USA - Nov 2019


Tour itinerary covered what we hoped for.

Transport: great to have plenty of room on bus. River boat, sampan, tuk tuk very good & gave good insight into local area.

Lunch was impressive and tasty.

Mr. Quang was very informative, taking good care of us and made it a very personal tour. Excellent English.


Dan Dufon  - The UK - Nov 2019


A very nice tour!

Regarding the rip to Cu Chi, maybe better to book for an other transportation than a bus transportation. Maybe by boat?

The stay in HCMC was 1 day too short for some of our customers.

One night in Sapa would be enough but we need to visit the Fanxipan by cable way.

We are very satisfied about the services of Mr. Anh. I recommend him for the next trip.


Andre Gielen - Belgium - Nov 2019


A very full itinerary. An very flexible and accommodating to all our needs and changes. Well done!

Good driver too!

All very good!


Terry Nield - Australia - Nov 2019


The whole tour package was excellent.

The driver very good. Felt safe.

The guide was very very very good. would recommend him to anyone.

Keep up this very good tour business.


Simond Nield - Australia - Nov 2019


Mr. Thuan is an excellent guide. His English is very good. He was flexible about the timetable.

The organization of the tour by Smile Tours was excellent, very efficient. The bus and the driver made for a real good tour.


Ralph Barnett - Israel - Nov 2019


Amazing country, city and people! We are so fortunate to be able to visit and experience all of it.

Thank you!


Joel & Kurt - The USA - Nov 2019


Mr. Khang made the tour very interesting with lots of history and information. He made sure we were all comfortable with the walking and speed of the tour and time taken at each place. Also he adjusted the tour to our needs and gave a wonderful impression of Vietnam and its people.


Verna  Dufon  - The UK  - Nov 2019



Good value for money tour. Ecellent guide. Pity about the weather.

Used STS on a previous tour of Saigon. Excellent same this time.


Vung Tau:

Good tour to parts of country we have not visited.

Good guide and driver.

Excellent food restaurant and beer.


Maureen Sutton -  The UK - Oct 2019


Oanh was the most perfect guide one could wish for. She engaged with us very well and treated us like family. She brought the whole tour alive and made it exciting as the tour went from place to place. She is the real asset of the company.

The correspondence was excellent!


Robin Davidson - South Africa - Oct 2019


The tour was excellent! A very good mixture of sights and experiences, especially the trishaw ride!

Our guide was excellent - very knowledgeable and good communicator.

Tour guide and driver were excellent !!!

Thank you!

I would definitely like to return to Vietnam in the future!


James Kydd - The UK - Oct 2019


Saigon needs more time. One day is not enough.

Tour guide very good. We saw everything on the itinerary.

Great food and a lovely tour.


Indrani  Mukhertee  - Singapore  - Oct 2019 


Local food was very tasty, authentic.

Transportation excellent and good air-conditioning.

Your guide was excellent and informative.

Vietnam was very much part of childhood news. Never thought then I would have a chance to visit. Has been excellent and would definitely come back.


Lorna Sherriffs  - the UK -  Oct 2019


Very friendly guide went out of his way to accommodate our wishes and helped us with exchanging money for purchases. Even took the women shopping while the men waited which pleased them exceptionally.


Shaun - New Zealand - Oct 2019


Hello Thi

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip, Linh and her dad enjoyed the day too.   

Tony our tour guide whom we picked up Ba Ria was very informative and most helpful, we felt we were there with our friend who fought in the battle, but has now passed away in the last 3 years.

We had a very good driver and the car was very comfortable.  We were sorry we did not know he was waiting outside in the morning and we were waiting inside and began phoning your office to find out where he was.  Maybe a sign of some sort would have been helpful for the driver and ourselves, as we did not know what type of car we were looking for and several tourists were coming and going from the hotel.

I have enjoyed using your company for the second time and will definitely recommend you to others.

Kind Regards

Marie Goff - Australia - Sep 2019


- Great tour for large family travel (especially with kids)

- Love to ride bike

- Andy looked after us well


Yuka Kanaya - Japan - Sep 2019


Transportation and Mr. Thuan were fantastic. Food also great. Had a fantastic tour.

Thanks for a great day.


Lesley Shannon - Australia - Sep 2019


The itinerary given was excellent. The places we visited were amazing. The people and the food are also good. I will definitely offer this guided tour again.

No negative comments. I would like to comment on guide Tiep. He is very smart and informative. He took good care of our group.


Bienne Labang - the Philippines - Sep 2019


Tuyen is an excellent host - very good at problem solving and is in tune to our group's special needs.

Our driver is punctual, safe and experienced. Thank you for getting us everywhere safely and quickly. Clean car.


Alex She - Canadian - Aug 2019


Tam was a fabulous guide. Very informative and made us feel at ease.


Brian & Mell Brady  - the UK  - July 2019


We especially enjoyed all the information from Mr. Tam. He was also conscious of our safety throughout.


Joan Ryan - The UK  - July 2019


Outstanding aspect the trip was the trishaw ride.

War Museum excellent.

Would like to come back to explore more fully.


Catherine Chan - Scotland - July 2019


Ms. Dung very informative, pleasant personality, extremely knowledgeable.

I would recommend your company to fellow travellers.

I love your country and its people.

Thank you for making my day very pleasant.


R. Smith - The USA - July 2019


Ms. Dung was excellent, knowledgeable, friendly, wonderful English.

Mr. An in Ho Chi Minh city was also excellent.


Julie Morris - the USA - July 2019



Beautiful city. Very good explanation and guidance by the guide. Very kind people we met.

It was a great experience. Continue doing this tour guide, very good!


Ho Chi Minh city:

Very personal, informative and beautiful excursions.

Excursions were very good, not too much tourists.

Guide speaks excellent English and knows a lot about history of the country.

Very good guide. Very good driver.


Francis Duvivier - Belgium - June 2019 


Hello Thi,
So sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to you with feedback from our trip.
We were very impressed with how smoothly everything went. We very glad to have had English speaking guides and excellent drivers throughout our trip. They were all very professional, friendly and eager to help.
Restaurants chosen excellent and food delicious. The restaurants we ate in the first time in Beijing, served delicious food but standard not so good.
Food portions were always big, made my husband very happy!
The sites and places were of great interest. However, maybe too many temples. Even though they are of importance to the town or city and to the history and culture of the country, for us, we could have seen less. It was a bit repetitive. It’s like doing tours in Europe, often people complain there’s too many churches or cathedrals!
We would have liked to have gone to factory outlets, instead of the silk and pearl markets in Beijing. Or smaller street shops where we could just meander through. There were a few we saw in our travels so maybe for future tours this may be of interest to tourists. We realise it’s customary to bargain and for the shop keepers to be so persistent but it spoilt our experience a little as it made us disinterested in continuing. We just wanted to get away from the place altogether as quickly as possible.
Hope this feedback has been informative and helpful.
Thank you Thi for your help and your colleagues in China.

Kind regards

Rita and Ron - Australia - June 2019


Very good! Will come back for more.

Already recommended to a friend.

Thank you!

Great arrangements! Best tour!


Carol Ma - Hong Kong - June 2019


Satisfactory tour.

Restaurant was good.

Trishaw was good.

Been to Vietnam before. Lovely people.


Mr. & Mrs. Mulvey - the UK - May 2019


Tour guide was experienced, knowledgeable and fun!

Loved the "rickshaw" bike ride.


Brendan Glynn - The USA - May 2019


Kris was a very good guide. He was very knowledgeable and informative. Thank you.

We enjoyed your beautiful country and the hospitality of tour guide and driver.


Sue Fortune - The UK - May 2019


Kris was very knowledgeable, explained the history very well.

Both the driver and Kris were hospitable.

Would recommend this tour guide for future trips.


K. Atkinson - the UK - May 2019



Very knowledgeable, kind and fun. Mr. Hai made us feel safe and gave us a great tour of Ho Chi Minh city.

We will definitely recommend Mr. Hai & Smile Tours.


Alex Murphy - Australia - April 2019


Very personal and helpful driver and guide.

Good itinerary, comfortable bus.

Great day for the family.


M & P Blizzard - Australia - April 2019


Every part of the day was smooth, well organized and free of stress.

The driving was careful and skillful.

Max, our guide was constantly checking to see that we were comfortable and satisfied.

The Pho restaurant for lunch was wonderful. The food was wonderful. The food was excellent and the service was efficient and thoughtful.


Michael Paxton - Australia - April 2019


Max was very kind, helpful and courteous. He was professional, punctual and certainly always had a welcoming smile.

It was a lovely surprise to speak with Thi. Great customer service.


Edmond Young - Australia - April 2019


We thoroughly enjoyed our day tour.

We loved all the sites and stops and enjoyed amazing food and hospitality.

Our transportation and tour guide were brilliant.


Nancy Galle - Australia - April 2019


Well organized and tour guide very informative. Looked after our every need.

Driver was very good and best safe at all times.

Booked this tour due to good reviews on the internet. Was not disappointed. Great tour and excellent guide.


Kay Steward - the USA - April 2019


We had a great day. Our guide told us many parts of the culture and history of Vietnam that we did not know before.

Lunch was amazing.

We read about Smile Tours on Tripadvisor for Ho Chi Minh.


Traci Stanburg - New Zealand - April 2019


Ms. Oanh was an excellent guide, very knowledgeable and with a good sense of humor. She explained both the history and culture of the area in good English. She was happy to lead the tour and was conscious of the group's needs, especially those with less mobility.

As a suggestion, the guide could provide their phone number at the start of the tour in case the group are separated.


Susan Holden  - The UK - Mar 2019


Our guide took us to a lovely restaurant in Hoian for lunch. Appreciated by everyone on the tour.

The guide was brilliant, very aware of the older people in our group and went at an appropriate pace.


Susan Flather - Spain - Mar 2019


Mr. Hai was informative and helpful throughout our tour.

Staff on board were pleasant and good was excellent and plentiful.

All in all a good day. Most enjoyable!


J. MaAleer - the UK - Mar 2019


Halong Bay was my best one-day tour ever.

Mr. Giang is excellet. The fish feast at lunch exceeded my expectations.

Excellent value for money.

Maybe 1/2 hour less time at Titop mountain.


Harald Weiss - The USA - Mar 2019


Mr. Khang was one of the best guides we ever had as we have travelled around the world. He is a wealth of knowledge and has a wonderful karma. Right away you are drawn to him by his smiling and friendly personality. We love Vietnam because of him.

Keep this guide! He is great! Easy to understand his English.


Bill Slater - The USA - Mar 2019


Mr. Ha speaks good English and is a kind man.

The accommodation is very nice with beautiful rooms and a nice swimming pool.

It was great that you informed us for the delay of our flight and booked a business class ticket for us. Many thanks for that!


J de Groot - The Netherlands - Mar 2019


Mr. Manh was very helpful. We enjoyed his explanation of the history on where we visited. He was always pleasant.

The hotel was beautiful.


Elizabeth Noller  - the USA  - Mar 2019


The guide was just wonderful and very accommodating. He was polite and did everything we asked for! Just excellent!

Thanks for everything! I will recommend you on the internet.


Demet Akman - The USA - Mar 2019


The food is very good. Ms. Hanh is very friendly and always willing to help us. She is punctual and always on time. The hotel is comfortable and near to shopping places.

We only had problem during breakfast because Muslim need to eat Halal food and the hotel could not provide it.

Overall, we enjoyed the trip so much. Well done Ms. Hanh


Nor Asmah - Malaysia - Mar 2019


Dear Mrs. Thi,

 We would like to thank you for organising our wonderful journey with Reisbrigade.

 Mr. So, a very friendly exited guide has let us enjoy the splendor of the Sapa.

 The three days on the cruise ship in the Halong Bay were also beautiful, we had a very nice hut and the staff was very friendly.

 And then the cities of Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh, beautiful cities with every time a fine guide.

 We really enjoyed the scooter ride on the Hai Van Pas. The drivers drove very secure and carefully.

 To us, Fabio in Ho Chi Minh City was the absolute top Guide. Nothing was too much for him, he answered  hundreds of questions, about anything on the market for sale, about how the people on the islands live, all about  the Mekong Delta, just fantastic.

 And then a delicious final piece of our holiday with a pleasant stay in Mui Ne Beach.

We look back on a wonderful journey that was very well taken care of. Also very nice to report that everyone always came to collect us in good time.

We have never had to wait on a guide or taxi, our compliments.
Also very nice that you called a few times in between to ask if all went well.

 With best regards, 

Frans en Ria van den Hamer - The Netherlands - Mar 2019


Our guide was very good at controlling the tour. His knowledge was exceptional. His command of English spoken words was exceptional. Any questions he was able to answer.

Friends on cruise critic organized this tour.

My husband had a great knowledge of Vietnam. What a truly amazing place!


Susan Shawn - The UK - Mar 2019  


Kris our guide was very knowledgeable and informative. He was friendly and very helpful.

Our driver was a very comfortable drive.
The itinerary covered a wide variety. Really enjoyed it!


K. Wynne - the UK - Mar 2019


We had a great tour. Chris was very informative.

Loved the trishaw ride. Very emotional visiting the War Museum. Something everyone should visit.

Very busy and modern city. Lovely view from the Bitexco Financial Tower.

Also enjoyed beef noodles. A great day in Saigon.


Tony Leeson - the UK - Feb 2019


Thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Quan our guide was excellent, making sure we saw everything. The bike ride was a highlight as was the War Museum, brilliant introduction to Vietnam - Well done!

We felt Vietnam safe and well looked after. No room for improvement. Really as this trip was perfect for us. Your guide Quin is very proud of his home country and so he should be. It's a wonderful place.


Andrew & Yvonne Mayhew - the UK - Feb 2019


Everything was perfect.

Kris is a great guide.

Duc is a great driver.

Best decision we made was to join this tour. Thank you!

STS great company. Will always remember our trip.


David Atkins - The UK - Feb 2019


Mr. Trinh was an excellent tour guide who could not do enough for us.

The itinerary was great as it included a lot of activities in the space of a few hours.

We particularly enjoy the cyclo ride and Vietnamese lunch.

Visited Vietnam in 2016 and loved it so.

I was really happy to come back.

Grace Atkins - Wales - Feb 2019


Mr. Thuan was an excellent tour guide. He is friendly, professional & knowledgeable.

The driver was also very competent negotiating the Vietnam traffic!!

This was a very enjoyable tour and will definitely recommend Smile Tours to our friends.

Thank you very much!

May Lee - Malaysia - Feb 2019


Guide was very accommodating to our needs and flexible in adjusting time at particular sites.

It was very nice being in a small group.

The trishaw ride was a real experience! very enjoyable! Thank you!

Jeff & Moh Tapper - Australia - Feb 2019


Very comfortable van for transportation. We did not feel crowded. Driver was very careful and safe.

Tour guide very flexible with itinerary, explained where we were going next and what we were going to do, very patient.


Lewis - the USA - Feb 2019


Mr. Thuan was an excellent tour guide, very knowledgeable, great information, very helpful to our passengers.

Could not fault this tour.


Jan Daldy - Australia - Feb 2019


Mr. Ha was excellent. He took so good care of us.

We loved Mr. Ha and Mr. Nict the driver.

The tour was fantastic. I will come back.


Richard - The USA - Feb 2019


Tour hit all highlights of Hanoi. Walk through market added extra insight to life in Hanoi. Guide provided a lot of information.


Stephanie & Kirk - The USA - Jan 2019 


We enjoyed this tour very much.

Mr. Anh was very courteous and nice. He explained the places very good and detailed.

I would recommend this tour whomever visit Vietnam.


Anna Lee - the USA - Jan 2019


We enjoyed the tours and our guide Simon. We learned a lot about the country, its people and politics.


John Shrall - Mexico - Jan 2019


Mr. Thuan was an excellent guide.

The bus was very comfortable.

We saw a lot in a short time.

Journey from port too longer than expected because of traffic.

Smile Tours are a good company to deal with.


Lynda McMullin - North Ireland - Jan 2019


Mr. Nguyen Anh was an excellent guide, attentive to all guests, including safety.

His English was excellent, easy to understand, very informative, helpful, kind.

Driver was very skillful.

We enjoyed our day very much.

Tour was well-paced, accommodating to those less physically able without taking time away from those more able.


Barry Lowe & Rebecca Brigham - Canada - Jan 2019


Very friendly & helpful guide through beautiful Vietnam.

Wheelchair accessibility limited but good support from tour team.


Bruce Isac - New Zealand - Jan 2019


Mr. Trinh was wonderful, kind, respectful, helpful, extremely knowledgeable with good sense of humor. He helped us to feel we connected with Vietnam culture, history, people, food. Thank you!

Have more practical aids to help people with disability for example: transferring boards, toilet seat raisers, lower vehicles, etc.

Dr. Merima Isakovic - New Zealand - Jan 2019


Thoroughly enjoyed the tour!

Guide was friendly and knowledgeable!

The ricksaw ride was a great experience.

The driver was friendly, patient and a safe driver.

Loved everything!


Sara Reid - Australia - Jan 219


Mr. Thuan was friendly and professional. He welcomed, explained our itinerary so we were well informed. Stops and timing were excellent.

Enjoyed small group. Bus was great, air-conditioned and comfortable. Thanks for water and towels.

Trishaw ride was a super experience too.

Restaurant was tasty and excellent, no waiting to sit, local cuisine.

Wish we had more days in Saigon.

Highly recommended/

Driver was excellent, experienced for routes.

Great itinerary!!!

Right on time at port. Punctual!!! Nice not have to walk in the heat.

Thank you for an excellent day in Saigon!


Ramona Crane - Canada - Jan 2019


Excellent tour. Mr. Khang was very professional, nice person, very informative, prompt.

Very interesting itinerary, variety. Enjoyed bamboo boat.


Sharon Ecker - the USA - Jan 2019


Mr. Tuyen was excellent, very knowledgeable, friendly and nice.

The tours were excellent. Trishaw ride was fun. Other sights were so interesting.

Lunch was very delicious.

Enjoyed this day in Hanoi


Joan Blum - the USA - Jan 2019


This tour exceeded our expectations. Our fishing boat guide, Ms. Mai deserves a praise as well for doing an excellent praiseworthy job. Her english is also excellent. She should be a tour guide. She is that fabulous.

Excellent trip Halong Bay beautiful. Caves amazing. Small boat trip beautiful and peaceful.

Great tour. Thank you!


Sandi and Bruce - the USA - Jan 2019


Guide was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful.

Mr. Tuyen was an excellent guide.

Driver was also great, very careful and drove well.

Guide and driver were superb.


George Spier - the USA - Jan 2019


A very good tour with excellent guide and driver.

Very good day. Very happy.

Very pleased with all aspects of tour.

Will put a very positive comment on Tripadvisor.

Thank you all involved.


Pat Wood - the UK - Jan 2019


Everything was what we expected and more. Thereby making this an excellent day.

Found on Tripadvisor. We will be recommending you highly on our return to the UK.


Alan & Linda Cooper - The UK - Jan 2019


Kris was an excellent tour guide. His English was very good enabling us to understand his descriptions and explanations. His understands of the country and its customs were very clear to us. He answered all of our questions. He made this trip very exciting and valuable.

Thank you for a wonderful experience.


Hugo McFarlane - Trinidad & Tobago - Jan 2019



Following our recent trip to Vietnam we would like to express our thanks to your company for the wonderful tour you organised . 

Ahn and driver Tonh were wonderful and filled our day with unforgettable experiences. 

The lunch was incredible, we will never be able to have spring rolls again without comparing them to those that we ate at pho 2000. 

Thank you all 


Judy and Paul Johnson - The UK - Jan 2019


Hi Thi,


We had a wonderful time in Vietnam. Thank you so very much for everything you organized, it was perfect. Hotel choices were very good and central. All the tours were great.  I particularly enjoyed the motorbike tour and speaking with Mai and the other motorbike drivers.  So, I knew you were in Singapore.  I hope everything goes as well as it can  with your sister. 

I’m always happy to recommend Smile Tours to anyone who is thinking about going to Vietnam. Thank you. 

Kind regards,


Jan Horton - Australia - Jan 2019








SMILE TOURS SERVICE (S.T.S.) is your good choice for memorable journeys in Vietnam and Asia.